Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation: Settings and Parameters

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One of the first blog posts I wrote was a checklist for PSA’s basic settings. This was before V3 and features like Multidimensional Pricing or what was introduced in the October ’18 release wave. I’ve always used a checklist for PSA’s basic settings and parameters when I’ve started an implementation project. That checklist has proven very useful when planning workshops and discussing the multitude of processes that need to be covered in a D365 PSA implementation.

As we’re getting ready for Dynamics 365 Project Operations in October 2020, the scope and number of basic settings and parameters grows. As my old checklist is outdated, I thought now would be a good time to transition to a new version that covers the latest developments in the product. The new document I’ve created makes it easier to go through the needed basic discussion points. Keep in mind that the document only covers the basic setting and parameters in PSA. It’s not an implementation guide.

Feel free to grab my revised checklist for PSA’s settings and parameters here. It’s V1 so it will go through revisions and corrections over time. Let me know what you think in the comments and use the document in your own planning if you find it helpful.

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